Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kelly Osbourne, plunged after the death of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's death has left untouched many people around the world and Kelly Osbourne is one of the worst is having. The girl, 26, saw the singer his "best friend" wrote on Twitter that always want the artist. Kelly's mother, Sharon Osbourne, 58, told People: "There is nothing I can do to Kelly's pain go away." However, it may explain why the loss of Amy being so hard to bear for her daughter.

"It was the first person she loved and who died," told the jury in America's Got Talent on Monday. "This was what made terrified and scared. Has gone through different emotions, "he added. Sharon is next to her daughter in this difficult time, but it is clear that the only thing that Kelly will help over time.

While Kelly is still depressed over the death of her friend, Sharon has accepted the reality of their loss. "It's all part of life, right?" He told his mother. "We must thank God that we are here and we are healthy and do what we do. But some people are not as fortunate as us. Life and death are a big part of our experience, unfortunately, "he says.

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