Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lady Gaga in tears, said Amy Winehouse was his only hope

The pop star Lady Gaga is still held to discuss the death of singer Amy Winehouse, carried away on July 23 when she was only 27 years in a new interview with Rolling Stone. In tears, Gaga has declared to be deeply affected by his death, and reveals some details on this particular connection that she shares with the artist's soul.

"She was my only hope when I was not yet known," said the Lady. It affirms that when no label would sign it, all evoked the failure to store it in a category, and everyone told her she was not beautiful enough to succeed, his voice was too slow or strange. "Then I saw in Rolling Stone, and I thought they had done well with Amy ..."

Lady Gaga then ends by stating that Winehouse was someone special, having brought him much hope in his race for glory, and it deserved much more than what she had. At last count, according to Us Weekly, the autopsy to have revealed that the singer was sober for three years ...

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