Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood's highest paid actor

Forbesha unveiled the list of actors who have entered more money during the period covering May 2010 to May 2011. The actor who is led this year is Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp has surpassed the first last year with $ 75 million and has risen four places. Leonardo DiCaprio went from earning $ 50 million to $ 77 million of the latter period it would have made up their first job.

The American won worldwide recognition in 1997 with Titanic placed him in a status where he began to select their roles. Premiered in 2010 Shutter Island, directed by Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and Origin--which have grossed between $ 1.2 billion. Johnny Depp ranked second with 50 million dollars.

Premiered the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean has raised $ 3.7 billion. In third place is the comedian Adam Sandler with $ 40 million. Its Grown Ups film earned $ 271 million, but collected Funny People just $ 71 million. In fourth place, Will Smith has won 36 million dollars with the third Men in Black, still unused.

In fifth place stands a veteran, Tom Hanks $ 35 million. His latest film, Larry Crowne, only $ 51 million entered. Your next job is the adaptation of the bestseller Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, opposite Sandra Bullock.

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