Thursday, August 4, 2011

A new song by Amy Winehouse soon on sale

The sale of the albums of Amy Winehouse blew his death. But this is not to put money in their pockets than the family of Amy Winehouse thinks the operation of a novel of the singer. If the wave of emotion linked to the death of the star would provide a massive prize pool, it concerns Mitch Winehouse as a way to start a major project related to her daughter.

"I want to get involved in things that are important in the eyes of Amy," said his father. "It's not just imoportant to me is important for our country. There are hundreds of thousands of young people who find themselves in situations that could be avoided." Amy Winehouse's father is in fact decided to set up a foundation to help drug addicts and alcoholics particular, highlighting the costs and waiting lists for access to care hallucinating.

"So talented, so sweet" The tornado brunette 27 years had recorded a duet the standard "Body andsoul" with the jazz age of 85, Tony Bennett, scheduled for release on the upcoming album of the iconic musician. A few months after recording, Tony Bennett said: "I tried to tell him:" You have so much talent.

Slow drugs where it's going to kill you. "When I heard she was dead, I could not stop crying. She was so talented, so sweet." The old man will probably fièreté help the general project of fight against the death of the father of Amy Winehouse.

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