Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rihanna, sexy devil at the carnival in Barbados

To see his latest clips or S & M Man Down, we knew that Rihanna was a particularly provocative and sexy woman. But it comes back to prove to the whole world! Passing on his native island of Barbados, RnB singer made an appearance at the carnival attracted considerable attention of Kadooment Day, local tradition to celebrate the good harvest of the year.

The rhythms of music were added movements of a dance hot sexy than from Rihanna, lightly dressed in a red suit that covered very eccentric as the principal. The cheering crowd was able to enjoy the sensual curves of the young singer and his talents as a dancer. Apparently delighted to be present, Rihanna has praised the public several times, and even offered a lame causing uncontrollable, and many attitudes very suggestive.

Videos of his services are currently hot around the Web and already causing controversy everywhere.

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