Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chris Brown's new album "FAE" looks tubesque!

Chris Brown, whose new album entitled "FAM E" (Fans Are My Everything) is due out in stores on March 21, raised the temperature by discovering the artwork and tracklisting by unveiling the official! A good way to wait his fans who have waited two years the output of the fourth album by the rap star and R & B, an album that follows "Graffiti," which went somewhat unnoticed in France ...

The album FAM E will be available in two editions, Standard Edition that will include 13 tracks and a deluxe edition that will feature 17 tracks, it will bring the title "Look at Me Now" and "Yeah 3x", already used as singles. The rapper turned to the idol of pop, the young Canadian Justin Bieber, to attend his album, he mentioned that collaboration via his Twitter account: "I know you're excited about this fresh collaboration with Justin Bieber on his album, but frankly the title is available on FAM E unbelievable.

" Indeed, Chris Brown appears on the album "Never Say Never - The Remixes" by Justin Bieber, the star has secured a featuring on the title "Up", remixed version of the phenomenon Bieber! Chris Brown has entrusted the development of the pouch to a talented pop artist (American artist), Ron Français, which has an ambience "Street Art", with an enhancement of urban culture such as graffiti.

There are also the artistic impression of the creator, a colorful and involved diverting the powerful symbols of our society, and the mosaic of portraits that lies behind the representation of the singer, there are a child soldier who, on his helmet, features the peace sign. Several words appear in a piecemeal way in the background that can be reconstructed as "Forgiving All My Enemies", initials that review directly in the name of the album Chris Brown FAM E entrusted the writing of big names like Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes or Ludacris.

The album is full of surprises, not least the participation of young Bieber but also a variety of influences! Big Sean and Timbaland also worked on the track "Paper, Scissors, Rock" which is on the deluxe edition. FAM E is produced, among others, Afrojack, a famous DJ and producer Dutch electronic music, he has produced various remixes as, for example, that the Black Eyed Peas "The Time".

January 15, 2011, Chris announces new collaboration with Italian DJ Benny Benassi on the track "Beautiful People" which follows the current trend, the dance of course! Gossip Rumors you to discover the latest single from Chris Brown's "Beautiful People", a bomb in power! Tracklisting for the album "FAM E: Standard Edition 01 - Deuces (featuring Tyga & Kevin McCall) 02 - Up 2 You 03 - No Bullshit 04 - Look At Me Now (featuring Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes) 05 - She Is not You 06 - Say It With Me 07 - Yeah 3x 08 - Next 2 You (featuring Justin Bieber) 09 - All Back 10 - Wet The Bed (featuring Ludacris) 11 - Oh My Love 12 - Should've Kissed You 13 - Beautiful People (featuring Benny Benassi) Edition Deluxe 14 - Bomb (feat Wiz Khalifa-) 15 - Girls Love Them (featuring Game) 16 - Paper, Scissors, Rock (featuring Big Sean & Timbaland) 17 - Beg For It

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