Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Duchess of Alba and Prince Charles: duel of peerages

Buckingham Palace hosted one of the glamorous events organized by Prince Charles that he had the usual Isabel Preysler, daughters Tamara Falco and Ana Boyer. The little children of the queen of "cour" Spanish had dazzled the eldest son of Elizabeth II in another of its facilities, and in this case is wonderful and is positioned as the successor to his mother, despite the efforts of his sister Tamara to rise in both.

Also, new is attended Cayetana de Alba-dressed and Luchino Vitorio, hence the designers visit the Palacio de Liria, and their children, and Eugenia Cayetano. The Prince of Wales was accompanied by his wife Camilla who served as host. One of the most anticipated moments was the nature of greeting between Charles and Cayetana de Alba, as the Duchess has more titles of nobility that the prince, but the situation was resolved with a diplomatic handshake.

The excuse to bring together so many characters was to invite all those who collaborated with the founding of Charles: "The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment", dedicated to respect the ecology in urban planning. Among those present were Luis Alfonso de Borbon and his wife, Maria Margarita Vargas, the wife of Fernando Fernandez Tapias, Nuria González, Marisa de Borbón, the Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, Rowan Atkinson, best known as Mr.

Bean or the singer Danielle Hope.

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