Thursday, February 24, 2011

"X Factor" arrives March 15 on M6

It's now official. Expected on the program grid of M6 for several weeks, X Factor, the new tele-hook the chain will be launched Tuesday, March 15, according to our colleagues of Pure Media. This new program will replace the New Star shelved by M6 after hearings in recent disappointing seasons. If the X Factor format has already been proven in other countries including the UK, where he is the most-watched broadcast British TV in France, the public remains to be conquered.

Broadcast for the first time last year W9, the French version of X Factorétait indeed virtually unnoticed. For his arrival on M6, the channel decided to start from scratch, starting with the jury, which has been completely revised. And sit in the chairs of judges: Christophe Willem singers and Véronic DiCaire, guitarist Henry Padovani and composer Olivier Schulheis.

In X Factor, the jurors are not only judges of candidates' performance, it is also their coach. Each member of the jury will take under his wing a group of candidates: under 25 girls, under 25 boys, aged 25 and over groups. For this is the big difference with New Star in X Factor, groups are welcome.

Also new in this second season of X Factor: facilitators. Sandrine Corman and Jerome Anthomy are now in control of the issue, they present every Tuesday evening in prime time.

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