Thursday, February 24, 2011

For his bachelor party boy, Prince William joins in!

Extreme sports and "Barathon" program will be the burial of bachelorhood Prince William. Before marrying his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, April 29, the groom of 28 years will spend a whole weekend to enjoy his last hours of singles. The festivities, which will be invited a dozen friends of the prince, will be convened by the witness (and incidentally brother) Prince Harry, and should cost 100 pounds per head.

William and his friends embark on such a boat for water skiing, according to information from Sun. Located south of England, the company that will provide the boat to the prince is specialized in organizing funerals lives of boys. It should provide everything that the groom, his witness and his friends need to enjoy their short trip! On the margins of water activities, William should spend the weekend in the country house of a friend of sight.

If alcohol is prohibited on board the boat, this will not prevent his Royal Highness to enjoy his last night as a bachelor is expected to make bar-hopping with friends, once at night. Bars located on the seafront and only accessible by boat. Hopefully the alcohol will not rock the ship too!

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