Thursday, February 24, 2011

George Clooney: "I've slept with too many girls to go into politics!"

By his many political positions and his defense of humanitarian causes, George Clooney has had many occasions to prove he was not an actor with a pretty face. But do not expect that the political ambitions of former Doug Ross ER one day take precedence over his Hollywood career. "You know, I have not lived my life as I should if I had wanted to do politics, "said George Clooney in Newsweek magazine.

"I ba * se too many girlfriends and I took too many drugs for that, and it is the truth." But if he was in politics, the ambassador of Nespresso play the card of the franchise, because that is what should be "a politician worthy of the name." "Let me start by saying: 'I absolutely everything.

I even drank the bong water, now talking about real issues," jokes George Clooney. "Besides, this will be my campaign slogan: 'I drank the bong water". Joking aside, the actor prefers to put his 49 years notoritété the benefit of humanitarian causes, and commends the actors who do the same.

"The celebrity attracts more attention today than before and it is not just selling products," said George Clooney. "I see many young players to land who, in addition to invest, are well informed about their cause and share their knowledge with their fans." And we poor ignorant people who believe that fame served only to entertain us!

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