Thursday, February 24, 2011

Megan Fox diets vinegar and leave it in the bones and no curves

Although lately it seems that actress Megan Fox is a bit removed from the tabloids or at least makes no representations subidita pitch pinion for that mouth, this does not mean that in the last images we have of it note the extreme thinness it looks. It appears that Megan is with strict diets and the diet of vinegar was proclaimed some time ago to keep the guy.

But now is not it look kind, having no longer has neither the curves that made being in first position of the most sexy. Perhaps some might even say a more stylish look with a waist the same as a child of 8 years, but the reality is that little by little is being left on the bones and there is talk of a possible anorexia and skeletal legs.

Nor is any actress who starred in two films 'Transformers' and then you comment on that DreamWorks was no role for the third installment as Michael Bay was asked to fatten a few pounds for the role and she refused flatly. And is that as the closest, Fox is obsessed with weight, and follow these diets low in calories and should spend more hungry than the turkeys, manolo, although they say eat balanced total fat and no not to eat passed the 1,000 calories daily is standard, so much so that her waist is comparable to that of the son of his partner, Brian Austin Green.

Everything indicates that it is in the pure obsession with being thin and is governed by strict diets that are gradually leaving the bones and with a great concern in your environment.

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