Monday, August 1, 2011

Amy Winehouse top-selling album

A week after the death of singer Amy Winehouse, his albums sell more than ever. A series of standard addition in the disappearance of such a celebrity, whether in the field of music or other. Her album "Back to Black", the best known of Amy Winehouse, is currently on the hit parade, as it was in 2007 shortly after its premiere, it dethroned and other big names.

His first album "Frank", she released at the age of 20 years only, it is in fifth place. Sunday, five of his songs were also the top 40 selling singles. A posthumous success that does not stop at the borders of England since his albums sold worldwide and record stores are quick to highlight the singer's albums.

If the career of Amy Winehouse stopped abruptly at age 27, the songs from the diva of soul continues, they, to forge his legend.

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