Monday, August 1, 2011

Pippa Middleton: his first name, a hit in England!

And the inevitable happened ... We know that the stars have influence on trends, Pippa Middleton is once again proof. The young woman, pampers the media around the world since the marriage of his sister, Kate Middleton with Prince William, already inspired her wardrobe and her fashion sense, she now inspires with its ...
name. And yes, it did not take long for the mothers of England will want to call their little girl the same name as the young wife, Philippa, short for Pippa. Although, given the popularity of these gentlemen for Pippa, it may well be they dads who have had the idea ... The official list of names in England is therefore likely to make its appearance and first name of Pippa was definitely the coast, arriving in 35th position! English sites state that the name Philippa was considered rather old-fashioned in 2010.

No doubt about the fact that Pippa Middleton has greatly contributed to restore its hipness. It is expected now that the fashion spread across the Channel and it comes from contaminated countries in the world. Expect to see the primary classes filled with little Pippa in a few years.

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