Friday, August 5, 2011

Anne Hathaway: a sexy Catwoman on the big bike!

If we know almost nothing about the plot of the next Batman we concocted the excellent Christopher Nolan, one can ensure that the hero's voice from beyond the grave will be a sexy new girlfriend played by Anne Hathaway. Having seen Marion Cotillard, also the casting of The Dark Knight Rises, sport jacket and brown boots on film sets, Warner reveals the other female character in the film.

The brunette Devil Wears Prada takes action in a little more style than Tom Raider feline frankly, but I must admit that the frail Anne Hathaway in leather jacket and goggles to beep a blue fireball that it's hard to stand between her thighs, it's her little effect. No offense to those who hoped to see the tornado combinaise sylph in latex ...

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