Friday, August 5, 2011

Kate Moss would play it plagues on the beaches of St. Tropez?

What happens to Kate Moss? On holiday in France, the young woman is currently in St. Tropez where she would crack down on the beaches after a few shots that appear on the net today. It shows clearly the top pushing a teen in the water, while he was on his way. The young woman walking on a pontoon to reach a boat, the boy in its path, Kate Moss pushed him without hesitation, making him do the swan dive into the sea, as the laughter of the dummy.

Relativize though. It could just as well that the young person in question is a friend of her daughter, Lila, 8, and Kate did not want him as a little joke. It was a little hard to imagine Kate Moss evil plague of French beaches, to remove violence from anyone who would find his way. For now, the cliche is not accompanied by videos or official statement of the young woman, the information is to be taken lightly ...

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