Sunday, August 7, 2011

Charlize Theron and Ryan Reynolds have broken!

The romance between Charlize Theron and Ryan Reynolds will not even required until the end of the summer. Indeed, one close to the couple told the U.S. magazine U.S. Weekly that the two actors have decided to end their relationship last July, and after two months of this relationship. Also according to this source, Ryan Reynolds, whose divorce with Scarlett Johansson was given a few weeks ago, was not ready to engage immediately in a new romance: "He did not want something serious, as she, since she begins to age, it is pressed to settle, have children and raise a family, "says this close to the magazine.

So Ryan Reynolds has decided to end their relationship, a decision that the actress was difficult to collect, "She did not quite take their break. She knew in her heart of hearts well as the relationship was doomed to failure, but it is still depressed by the separation, "confessed their friend.

However, the desires of family Charlize Theron was not the only cause of their breakup. The busy schedule of the two comedians have also been because of their relationship: "They are both very busy. They hardly have been together," concluded the witness, definitely very talkative. Hope for the two players they will find love soon!

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