Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rihanna, sexier than ever, explodes in Barbados (photos)

Rihanna is making the most of his time on his native island of Barbados ... For a week, the singer took advantage of every moment! She first started the week by participating in the parade Kadooment Day, a local festival celebrating the harvest since 1870 sugar cane, where she found Negus Sealy, his first love of youth.

Then the young woman spent most of his days to sweeten the pill on the beach or go boating and jet skiing with his most faithful friends. However, Rihanna has not forgotten the work, since it is mounted on stage Friday night as part of his tour Loud, and the last date of his tour overseas, the child in the country offered the best of 'itself, an amazing and touching show ...

Like its sister Britney Spears, Rihanna is such a spectator up on stage, really very young, to offer him a lap dance furious. In other words, the gentleman will remember for a long time! Rihanna is definitely tireless, since the next day found the beautiful seaside activities: sunbathing, swimming, jet skiing and beer ...

at will. As some shots, the singer seems to have too much abused alcohol! After being displayed in a beautiful white bikini last Thursday, the interpreter of "Umbrella" has set his sights on an orange one-piece suit, just as sexy, the portrait of his idol Bob Marley. Rihanna should stay a little on his island before flying to Europe to resume her tour in mid-August.

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