Monday, August 1, 2011

Denise Richards and her chest is a long story!

During an interview with Us Weekly magazine, Denise Richards said she was never really comfortable with her body ... especially with her breast rebuilt. The actress, 40, who has just adopted a little girl, revealed: "When I was 19, a doctor asked me implants bigger than what I asked. I was so anxious to have them that I did not try to see other doctors.

I simply said that if it were a plastic surgeon, he should be good. "The former wife of Charlie Sheen, not satisfied with the result, then uses another surgeon to reduce his implants, but the desired result was not at all conclusive. Her breasts were even bigger than the previous! She said: "I was preparing for the film Wild Things (" Wild Things ") and I did not really want to pursue a plastic surgeon in court.

What the doctor had done was wrong. "By posing for Playboy magazine, Denise Richards has finally agreed to reveal her breast ... It was like therapy! She agreed to do to encourage women, especially mothers to accept their body as it is! "At the same time my marriage was in crisis and I did not feel attractive at all.

I needed to prove something, "says she now feels the show finally comfortable with his chest," It's the size I wanted when I was 19 that she years ". The loop is finally completed for the beautiful mom!

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