Monday, August 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian getting married on August 20

The wedding preparations were well underway, Kim Kardashian would even lose a few pounds before the big day, strict diet and sports coach in the program. But we still did not know the precise date on which the model would marry basketball player Kristopher Humphries. They became engaged last May and since then waiting for news of the marriage of the young woman.

It is through the preferred means of communication of the stars, Twitter, Kim released a photo of her wedding invitations. It is for August 20! Kim Kardashian and Kristopher Humphries had celebrated their end of celibacy in Las Vegas but the wedding will take place in sunny California, specifically in Montecito.

If they have not had your official invitation, the paparazzi, they will go far to capture the event for you! And to be sure not to miss this great day, Kim also started a television crew. The couple apparently did not skimp on the means and we therefore expect a great marriage.

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