Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle cover and exclusive interview

Gwyneth Paltrow continues to be an actress but lately it seems much more focused in their work appear on television and in magazines talking a little about the human and the divine. This time, Elle magazine has chosen to discuss different aspects of their professional and personal life. "Song at the Grammys with Cee-Lo Green was very special.

Beyoncé gave me some advice before acting between those who were reminded that the singing is great but it was not a fun activity. I recalled one occasion in which Indian style dance and told me to repeat it, that was myself. It went wrong at all. " "Public speaking about my diet and my exercise has led to some repulsion to some women but the majority that I state that" I have 2 children and want to get in a swimsuit and not feel horrible, because I've got your job.

" That alone is worth it, way to sit on the couch to criticize the kind of other women while still getting fatter. " "My partner is going very well but it would be stupid not to take into account that there are periods when not everything is rosy. Your partner can relax and you never think you're all done, it is better to strive every day to get and keep what you want.

I will always respect my partner as the father my children. " You see, a great example of how an actress should speak with their feet on the ground.

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