Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jessica Albdoes not want more children!

Jessica Alba never ceases to make statements about her shock pregnancy. While she is awaiting her second daughter Eva, who should arise from a day to day during the month of August, and after assuring be prepared to starve to lose her extra pounds, here is that the American actress announced E! Online they do not want more children.

"I really do not imagine having more children than I have now," assumes the mother. That at least has the merit of being clear! To justify this choice might seem hard and not feasible for many women, already mothers or not, Jessica Alba tries to justify himself by referring to the fact that children are a lot of work.

But quickly, as if to catch up, the actress says of the Fantastic 4 at the end of pregnancy it is quite normal to be more categorical on this issue, adding that his future will perhaps change your mind! So truth or waffle? Time will tell!

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