Friday, August 5, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: already in the arms of sexy Rodrigo Santoro?

Rodrigo ... This beautiful stallion in Brazil, you may have noticed for his role in 300 or when he was wandering in the jungles of Cuba in the film by Steven Soderbergh on Che ... In any case, Rodrigo Santoro not be long to be part of women shortlist of handsome guys. While Jennifer Lopez says his troubles about his relationship with Marc Anthony, her husband for 7 years with whom she is growing divorce, the world is concerned about her new single status.

He prepared a relationship with her ex when sharing a meal with P. Diddy. Now, it is with playing partner we imagine not far from square. The American magazine Life & Style observe at least the beginnings of a romance between Rodrigo Santoro and the beautiful single lady, on the set of What to Expect When You're Expecting.

On the set of this romantic comedy about four couples and also with Cameron Diaz Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), the beautiful is not insensitive to the obvious charms of the young man. "He exudes sexuality" A friend of Jennifer Lopez tells the magazine: "Jennifer does not like being alone.

She likes to have a man beside her and Rodrigo is exactly his type!" Another source says: "Jennifer is hallucinated the sex appeal of Rodrigo. Where Marc was always hanging around J-Lo, surround it, manipulate it, to mess with him, Rodrigo is easy going and does not feel threatened by it.

"And as we understand, at where Jennifer Lopez is taking back the throne of the most coveted bachelor in Hollywood, left vacant by Jennifer Aniston!

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