Friday, August 5, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi, vacationing with his family in Dubrovnik

Bon Jovi's world tour closed on Sunday 31 July in Lisbon, before acting on Wednesday, 27 in Barcelona and on Friday, 29 in San Sebastian. A tour is a break for the veteran band that will take a break of at least two years after more than a decade without stopping. The first thing that has made its frontman, Jon Bon Jovi's appeal is to take a short holiday with his wife and children.

The singer is in top form as demonstrated on his last tour, and though time passes for all its 49 years has been great and amaze with his smile as it did at its inception back in 1983. After the war stories of teenage "love" with an "even" long-haired Jon Bon Jovi went on to tell you that New Jersey still married to Dorothea Hurley, his love of the institute and the only lucky I was able to take him to the altar.

It is common knowledge that "Mrs. Bon Jovi" has been patient and has endured her husband is a worldwide sex symbol, and had very close friendships with Hollywood actresses like Diane Lane, Josh Brolin married today. The singer has always wanted to be an actor, but honestly, even on stage is a great showman, film and television are not his thing.

This Christmas we will see in the ensemble film New Year's Eve. Bon Jovi's family has decided to spend your holidays in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia and as you can see in the picture have gone sailing in a boat. Jon and Dorothea were married in Las Vegas on April 29, 1989 and have four children: Stephanie Rose, born May 31, 1993, Jesse James Louis, February 19, 1995, Jacob Hurley, May 7 2002) and Little Romeo Jon, on March 29, 2004.

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