Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jennifer Lopez, Vanity Fair cover and comment on her divorce

Jennifer Lopez graces the cover of the American edition of Vanity Fair and has not hesitated to comment on what happened in their marriage and other relationships he has had throughout the years. The sole is causing a stir among fellow of the American press that have been launched to comment on statements by the artist.

"We both work hard because the marriage work but sometimes that is not enough and that's very sad. Still, I remain optimistic about the love for what is still my dream to fulfill and I hope to achieve in the future because I'm not giving up. " "I feel strong to pull forward, I want to raise my children, being a good mother and a good artist, I have to do all this but I think I'm going to get without problems." "When I'm in love I am very romantic and passionate, as if he had not loved before, but we do not realize that we are committing to a new person and that if something is wrong because it treats us well or not so we are well we are doing is harming us ourselves.

We must flee from there. " Marc Anthony states that "It is a great artist and I always respected as such. It is also the father of my children so they will always have a place in my heart and my children. " Pildorazos, romance and respect, curious trio of terms makes it clear the reasons for their separation.

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