Monday, August 8, 2011

Lady Gaga raises Jo Calderone for the cover of her new single

Lady Gaga has decided to resurrect Jo Calderone, her male alter ego, for the cover of the new single from his album "Born this way". The song "You and I" will be the new success of the artist, the single will be released on August 25 but the artist has already published several photos of the shoot for the cover of it.

In it you can see an artist transformed into a man who is a curious mix of Travolta from Grease and a thug either. Appears smoking a cigarette could cause different problems for the artist, the press is pointing out that one could say that the singer urges his fans to smoke. The artist now spends all of these issues and has announced on Twitter that "You can not get any love if you do not love yourself." At the moment, as published by the Daily Mail, has 991 posts in that social platform and has confirmed that its message number 1000 will be the video for this new theme.

Jo Calderone also appeared last year in a photo shoot for Vogue Hommes Japan. By then explored the male side of this character and tried to focus on fashion she was wearing. This time we are before pictures of this character to promote a theme and nothing else.

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