Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alexandra Stan moves us with his "Mr. Saxobeat"

After Inna, another Romanian singer (just as sexy!), Alexandra Stan, is preparing itself also to invade Europe. The young woman seems to follow the footsteps of her sister and became, in turn, a star of Eurodance. His first single, "Show Me The Way" released in 2009, was known in his country, Romania.

She then released the single "Lollipop" which became his first success. But Alexandra Stan owes its boom in Europe thanks to his latest title "Mr. Saxobeat, confirming that the dance came from Eastern Europe has the wind in its sails for some time. The blonde singer, aged 22, she will experience the same glory Innis, the pretty brunette, who squatted the charts worldwide for several months? Although the title "Mr.

Saxobeat" does not revolutionize the Eurodance, but offers a mesmerizing music and lively, all on the pace of a saxophone ... but also an effective chorus that remains etched in the mind long! Song produced by Marcel Prodan, about a woman attracted to a man who tries to seduce him in various ways.

"Mr. Saxobeat" is already a huge success in Romania and the European dancefloors. Apparently, this is only the beginning as Alexandra Stan is currently working on her debut album. Gossip Rumors, you discover the video of the sexy Alexandra Stan!

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