Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Demi Lovato held a party with her new love Wilmer Valderrama

There are several news about the actress and singer Demi Lovato have emerged in recent days, though some are a bit dubious to believe, but it does take more force Wilmer Valderrama is the one which occupies the heart of the actress in place of Joe Jonas . The Disney star and had a good friendship with Valderrama before placement in a rehabilitation clinic.

Famous for his role on "That 70s Show ', it seems that little by little has been strengthening friendship and Demi is ready to fall in love again and with which he is taking it all better. Another news is that several websites talking about a new scandal. The Gather web quoting sources said that Lovato held a party at his house with Wilmer and alcohol had to run to seas.

If this news were true, the rehabilitation of the star again in danger. It is true that on several occasions they have been seen together, says Perez Hilton single time visiting Sherman Oaks Gallery, and are also seen in the film as well as talks and sharing moments of complicity and assume that recovering all the lost time since Demi has been in rehab since last year and it was rumored that they were good friends and now they come out the rumors.

Valderrama course is not to be an example to follow because it has a long list of former and relationships behind him as Love-Hewitt, Mandy Moore and Lindsay Lohan not counting Lovato Valderrama is 18 and 31 and is not great pleasure much age difference. Either way will be if they started an affair or if those rumors of a party with alcohol are true, which is shocking as I said above since it does not benefit at all to the actress.

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