Monday, February 7, 2011

Demi Lovato faces life with positive energy and a tattoo

The Disney Girl, Demi Lovato continues its evolution to leave the clinic in which he was a few months under treatment for psychological problems. Only takes a few days away and you see that face this new stage with lots of positive energy. Proof of this is that it has struck with a new tattoo on his left forearm.

The young star has recorded the phrase "Think Again" and it is said and comments that follows in the footsteps of her friend Miley Cyrus not long ago turned to tattooing. It is also suspected that so characteristic sentence, which is to say something like 'think again' would be related to recent personal problems which happened during the four months and have not been pleasant.

But the reality is that the girl from 'Sonny' is very positive and faces life with humor as well as the treatment continues and is taken very seriously. Although it is noteworthy that to be seen entering a treatment center for eating disorders as well the news broke last week. While watching the latest images of the actress, we can see that has gained some weight over time has been in rehab, treatment, pills or disorders arising would have to neglect your diet and there has now been put in the hands of experts to regain her figure.

Besides his closest friends and Zach Taylor, has posted on his blog that the singer "has been making big changes in her life and is eager to know what the future holds" and everything is ready to resume his career.

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