Thursday, February 24, 2011

Justin Bieber Jonas Brother worst record and worst band in the NME Awards 2011

Yesterday we celebrated the Shockwaves NME Awards 2011 at Brixton Academy London O2. Awards NME partitioning each year and can say they are like the Razzies of music, you will pay more attention to those who take the award for 'worse' than those who are awarded as 'best' . And again the young man who moves masses is Justin Bieber and magazines longer monopolizing their comings and goings that focus on black thrive in your career, as experts have predicted the music has been one of the worst awards the worst album for 'My World'.

Of course this time can be comforting to believe that Jonas Brothers has been the same award for 'Worst Band', but hey, the Jonas Brothers they are slightly detached from the music scene, so not having much importance today, and each Jonas walks by. But the story does not end there for the awards has been the recent singer and still compete with the very Lady Gaga and Ke $ ha, the Canadian has been another gift the 'worst style' and the opposing party ' Best Style 'has it Brandon Flowers.

Therefore, we are again with the discussion and if we think has been a great disappointment at not being awarded at the Grammy Awards and is now honored as the worst, music critics are right. Fads come and go like Bieber has so many fans as detractors. However, in the category of 'best' of the 'NME Awards 2011' we have groups that are common to see them receive awards without crowding out all day not being ported to the music.

As My Chemical Romance took home two awards for 'Best International Band and Best Video. " Muse also for the second year were considered as 'Best British Band' and not only that, its lead singer, Matt Bellamy won the award for Sexiest Man of 2011, being the fourth time to win this award.

Alison Mosshart as the 'Sexiest Women'. Foo Fighters group in addition to being live at the Brixton Academy O2 Grolh Dave leader, won the "Godlike Genius", about the "Holy Genius." And of course Lady Gaga has had its reward, upon receipt of 'Hero of the Year'. But if you want to see all the winners of the ceremony and the rest of the twenty-six categories you can do it at Shockwaves NME Awards as well as images of the ceremony.

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