Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paris Hilton, the heiress latest news

Paris Hilton, the unique entrepreneur and model, has gained weight in recent months. Which showed their almost emaciated figure all over the world now looks better than ever. The media are always attentive to every detail regarding the Hilton, has echoed this new image and has chosen to tell directly what has happened to make it look more curved than ever.

Rumors pointed strongly to a pregnancy that concerned itself has been quick to deny. Ok! Magazine published an interview with the girl and she does not hesitate to comment on this event and its relationship with its most famous friendships. As always, his remarks leave no one indifferent.

"My weight is not worse than before, indeed, now is when I'm at my ideal weight before was very thin. Cy and I followed a diet of 3,500 calories every day and we ran in the morning, I feel better than ever. " On his friendship with Nicole Richie says "It's a lie we have no enmity or problem.

We remain a close friend. " His feud with Kim Kardashian is to Paris "A stupid, I never had any problems with it and it has not been me, I wish him well." The future is around the kids because "To come into this world that is the meaning of life, having children. Right now I have a perfect relationship for that, I can not wait to feel this love from mother to child.

Cy is special to me, is the only man who made me feel comfortable and secure at his side, he is faithful and I have no problem. I love to have a bunch of kids because I am a person who is always in contact with his family. May it be so in the future. " We wish all.

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