Thursday, February 24, 2011

Justin Bieber was meditating his haircut six months

The Canadian singer Justin Bieber surprised the world and its millions of fans with his new haircut earlier in the week. This opened a discussion of dimensions "excessive" to the issue that is about whether the boy was more favored or not his new look was leaving behind its brand image. People have talked to your hair stylist and consultant, Vanessa Price to see how this change took place.

"I was ready," explains consultant who brings with him a long time. "Cut your hair is just part of the process of evolution and growth for everyone, and I think he was ready," he says about the more mature style. But it was not an impulsive decision, "we were talking about this the past six months or so, more or less definitely has been on the horizon for some time," says Vanessa.

"Justin has always had what he wanted done," he explains. "He trusted my taste, so plan your style together. He knew what he wanted and know that we would work with his features and hair type. " Attention was paid to their bone structure and its superfine hair, and Price used a special method based on layers.

The result provides motion, but maintains the brand image of Justin. "It's like silk," admits the young man's hair. "Her hair is very very soft. I hope you keep it so long, "he concluded. Do you like the new image of Justin?

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