Thursday, February 24, 2011

Selena Gomez, queen of chic Paris and queen of sushi in Japan!

The singer / actress Selena Gomez, currently in Asia to promote the Disney Channel series "Wizards of Waverly Place, took time before his departure for Japan, to pose in France, specifically in the Capital of Love! So in Paris that the beautiful brunette has put his luggage to indulge in a photo shoot for the famous magazine Gala, and it's a nice view of the city that the magazine offers its readers, Tour Eiffel, famous red roofs and chimneys of course the always exquisite Selena.

Selena strikes a pose smiling and reveals its delicate look in a strapless white dress, decorated with feathers hazy, but while remaining modern and relaxed, since it is a beautiful blue fitted jacket and high heels without looking frozen ! Good performance, right? The lady definitely has all the talent, actress, singer, performer and model in her spare time, everything she touches becomes gold! She is the epitome of glamor and elegance when she was only 18 years, in fact, it is rare if not impossible to take the star blatant act of bad taste in fashion.

The interpreter of "A Year Without Rain" continues his stay in Japan after its foray into France, and enjoy the culinary delights offered by the country has since seen her at table, visibly delighted, in a sushi restaurant. On his Twitter account, friends 'very close' Justin Bieber (shall we say ...) left a note to its thousands of fans: "Thank you for your hospitality, Sushi Gonpachi, breakfast was delicious! .

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