Thursday, February 24, 2011

The prostitute sister of Mariah Carey comes to light

Sister of Mariah Carey is not always synonymous with a life of luxury. In many cases, the world's most famous artists of music not only hide his private life but also brothers and sisters who "do not matter." Mariah Carey's sister, living with HIV and prostitute, has decided to talk and The National Enquirer is the publication chosen.

Alison Carey Scott is a prostitute for years, mother of 4 children, is selling her body through a web under the name of Denise and misrepresenting their real age. When $ 250 is charged even though she says "It's not prostitution, just go with them, I make an erotic massage and masturbation." It was an Enquirer reporter who posed as a client and she appeared, Alison told him that "My family refuses to help.

I've spent weeks driving a car without brakes, it was not safe for anyone, I asked my family money to fix it, basically ignored me. I wish I had another life and not have to put up with strangers on the internet, now I have no choice. " Alison tried a decade ago, publishing a book telling the true story of her sister, the team of lawyers for the singer failed to prevent publication.

In 2005 he was arrested for having sex for $ 250 with an undercover policeman. His mother managed to shared custody of their children and Mariah Carey has paid several rehabilitation treatments. "Believe it or not I am now trying to turn around my life. I've been 14 months without taking drugs or alcohol, get counseling and keep fighting for a better life and have economic independence.

" Good luck.

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