Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Glee" will not show on M6

It was supposed to be the TV event earlier this year but M6 has decided otherwise. At a press conference organized by the chain in December to announce the launch of Glee, the music series is a chart of the Atlantic, M6 had indicated that the series would arrive "in the coming weeks" on the air, refusing However, to give a precise date.

Two months later, still waiting. Today, we learn that after many weeks of procrastination, M6 finally decided not to air the series Gleeet let his little sister, W9. However, as was already widely expected, although M6 will broadcast the first episodes of Glee in prime time, before the series is relegated to W9.

"For the first time in France, M6 and W9 offer exceptional programming device for the launch event of the series Glee," writes M6 in a statement, trying to drown fish. "Indeed, French viewers will discover in preview the first episodes of Glee M6 before following in the wake, the entire series on W9.

This innovative and original programming shows the synergy of the group and participates M6 W9 development and strengthening its position as a leading chain of TNT. " These (long) week waiting period so hid a reluctance on the part of M6 to disseminate Glee while many thought that such a series, focused enough, not enough umbrella to work in terms of audience on a big chain National.

However, W9 wins in history, rising chain of TNT being offered a series that has largely been about her in recent months. The dissemination of first episodes on M6 should also offer beautiful Gleeune exposure and encourage viewers to continue to follow the series on W9. And for those wondering, no, we do not yet know the launch date of Glee!

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