Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ashley Greene, a pin-up that talks about love in "Glamour"

Ashley Greene made the women's magazine "Glamour" by adopting a look of the spring or summer, the pretty redhead strikes a pose in a bikini beautiful floral vintage spirit of pink and purple with a lovely heart-cache pink, a real pill that you would want to eat! In the pages of famed magazine, the young woman recalls the adventure "Twilight" which showcased the successes and the excesses of Hollywood ...

Not a word about her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas despite their recent separation, which has clearly surprised admirers of the young couple who seemed to spin the perfect love, like how looks can be deceiving. The beautiful is in any case very quickly rebounded, she found her sexy side it was somewhat put aside when she shared the existence of the beautiful brown of the musical "Jonas Brothers".

In an interview with the magazine, she discusses the difficulty in separating his public image and his private life, many that do not differentiate between his fictional character and what it really is. Ashley Greene also returned to the temptations of Hollywood, the evenings a little too crazy that we should not go too often ...

As everyone knows Ashley Greene is quite adept with a healthy lifestyle. The actress also falls on the delicate subject of love, oh universal subject, "One should be able to talk about difficult things in a couple and do not always come back to our old stories, the past is the past ....

" Is this a critical diverted to Joe Jonas? Chances are, in fact the young man recently expressed his desire to remake real friend-friend with his ex-girlfriend, Demi Lovato ... A project that was probably not appreciated by the young Ashley! She also says do not believe in love at first sight for her friendship between a man and a woman is the beginnings of love.

Meanwhile, since splitting the interpreter of "Alice Cullen" has been seen in the company of many "supposed friends" as Jared Followill. The rumors are rife and have not finished running in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure, old lovers give out the changes separately and enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life.

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