Thursday, March 31, 2011

Helene Segara or the sweetness of life with 'Life with you!

Many fans of the singer's voice crystal clear images were awaiting the return of Helen Segara, sweet and unforgettable interpreter of Esmeralda is now done! The beautiful brunette with pretty face reflected light for our pleasure. The French artist who had made rather rare these days back with her new single "Life with you" and finally unveils the video clip that accompanies this new song, first single from a forthcoming album entitled "Among the crowd.

" Clip fresh as morning dew, where Helene Segara always talks about his rebellious theme fetish, love with a capital A, a romantic ballad that puts in a good mood and comfort in these times of gloom. The video shot in a spirit road movie reveals a blue-flower artist-looking girl in her little dress printed, her mini jean jacket, his cowboy boots and her long hair kid let loose in the wind, she remembers all the good times spent with her lover.

A simple clip while leaving the spotlight to good feelings and sincere people like that, a little sweetness in a world of bullies ... Helene Segara is fun, wriggles and contaminates us with his good humor and zest for life ! Helene Segara offer an album of twelve new songs including a duet with his son Raphael entitled "The world upside down," he should be released on April 25, Helen really symbolizes the rebirth of spring, such as "swallows" it heralds the return of spring.

It will be the seventh studio album by singer whose hits "Do You Love," "You gonna leave me," There are too many people who love you, "among others, remain forever engraved in our memories. This new single was written by Da Silva and reflects a certain lightness and optimism ...

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