Thursday, March 31, 2011

Katie Holmes makes clear what became of the famous sweets of her daughter

Katie Holmes wanted to clarify, in the Ellen DeGeneres program, what exactly happened to her daughter ended with a penis shaped candies in their hands. The incident, which occurred in New York, involved a splash in the world press and now the actress, two weeks later, wanted to defend himself. Katie said "I was in New York with my daughter in a candy store called Serendipity, is a store we visited continuously.

The tent is for children who are often directly taken what they most want. I do not understand how this could happen what happened with my daughter. " "We sat at a table there and she reached around with a bag of candy with the parts of a boy." Ellen DeGeneres asked what exactly he meant "parts of a boy" to which Katie replied "penis-shaped candies.

I looked at it and I said: "This is not a fish", I was stunned. " "Suri was in his hand the box of candy for the time necessary to make him a paparazzi photo. I did not know exactly how you could sell it at a store for children. It did not take long to appear on the cover of a magazine in announcing that this was the kind of candy that gave my daughter.

Immediately returned them to the shelf but the damage was done. " The clarification seems appropriate to us and the press did their job so a little more to add.

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