Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mariah Carey: She has butterflies in the stomach!

Admitted to the emergency hospital Sunday after experiencing violent conflict (see our news), Mariah Carey has not lost his sense of humor. The singer, 41, who should give birth within a fortnight, has in fact posted on his Twitter account a picture of her round belly ... made-up of a butterfly! The photo shows the big bottle of Mariah Carey, who painted a butterfly with writing "Dem Babies", which means "here are the babies" in Jamaican patois.

The blue butterfly has a wing and a wing pink to honor the twins she is expecting a boy and a girl. She is accompanied by the words: "My moment of mirth in this day of 27 March. I love you, thank you for make me happy." A message that may have been reading some four million subscribers Twitter account by Mariah Carey.

If the phrase "having butterflies in the sale" is well known, Mariah has just invent another: the stomach have butterflies!

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