Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prince Philip, on Saturday at the kebab

Prince Philip tried to pass last Saturday as we spend thousands of Spanish, going to a kebab for a drink. As reported Divinity, Ebla bar customers are stunned when they saw his side was the heir to the crown. Yes, the facility is located near Princess Street and is the usual place where people take something after leaving the cinema.

Despite the bodyguards and their behavior as normal in the world, was easily recognized by everyone. The comments from customers were about the heir but never had to approach him or something. His desire to take something calmly turned and nobody was bothered. After leaving the establishment around the world said that he was without a doubt.

The surprise was caused among those present capital although the reaction was even better. The proximity of Prince surprised many, including the owners of the bar, but such gestures may be held more than others that seem called to normalize life and fail.

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