Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The comeback of Britney Spears planted by Enrique Iglesias for his tour

The comeback of Britney Spears he turns to nightmare scenario? The star emerged yesterday his new album "Femme Fatale" without avoid international criticism. First, the remarks about his physique, more exactly that of a young girl, were not made to wait while the singer Baby One More Time bomb appears highly photoshoped for his campaign.

Then his clip, a real advertising campaign for various brands of cosmetics and digital material is enough to make controversial as it is a financial windfall for the ostensible star. But Britney Spears has well orchestrated as it should be returned to the front of the stage and a series of concerts in just-in-fishnet tights and sequined body.

However, on the eve of his world tour, Brit-Brit has a beautiful view destabilize tripped. This is the beautiful Iberian Enrique Iglesias who plant a few hours after the announcement of their tour together. "Despite initial discussions about the possibility of touring together, Enrique finally decided to pursue his tour for his album Euphoria," said the singer's agent.

Enrique has great respect and esteem for Britney and c is a fan since the first hour. He is sorry for the confusion this could create. "Even if the interpreter Bailamos Britney dropped, nothing goes! That said, Brit-Brit could earn foreign exchange as Kylie Minogue tells anyone who will listen she is very appreciative of the pop star and she would be delighted to share the stage with her ...

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