Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Chef: Paul Arthur removed the gates of the final

Monday night, M6 broadcast the semifinals of Top Chef, his reality TV show cooking. Four candidates were still competing and vying for a spot in the finals: Peter Blood, Paul Arthur, Stephen and Fanny. Program (or rather the menu): three trials, after which they were the tie by the jury. Lamb succeeds Pierre-Sangla first event of the evening will take the candidates at the Meurice Hotel, where chef Yannick Alleno takes them under his wing.

Peter Blood, Paul Arthur, Stephen and Fanny will have to cook a whole meal around the lamb. A meal in four steps which must be consistent and tell a story. Each candidate therefore attempts to be as creative as possible, as Peter Blood, which tries to trace the story of her grandmother.

Not easy from pieces of lamb! For his part, Fanny, highly stressed, burned meat. When it's time for the verdict, Stephanie fell sharply by Yannick Alleno, whose criticism boils down to two words: meal inconsistent. In the end, it is Peter Blood who wins this race. The Chief congratulated all of its menu.

The candidate also approved unanimously by the other members of the jury, which assures him a place to direct the final! Relatives invited to the next fêteL'épreuve find Fanny, Stephanie and Paul Arthur in the workshop where they will Top Chef have to cook the favorite dish of Philip Etchebest, which incorporates the jury for this trial.

It is marinated cod. Candidates have ten minutes to find the right recipe. Everyone is under pressure. Pressure goes up a notch when the candidates are surprised to discover that tasting will take place in the presence of their relatives, who will also judge the dishes - blindfolded, of course! If the jury finds in all the three dishes are successful, it is Fanny who is unanimity among both relatives that counts.

She joins Peter Blood for the final. Street food in front of the Eiffel Tower is the third and final round Stephanie and Paul Arthur on the Trocadero square, in front of the Eiffel Tower. They will have to revisit the street food also known as "street food": ham and cheese sandwich, pizza and burrito.

To do this, Fanny and Paul Arthur have available a small kitchen in a van and will have to do with the means at hand. But after the votes, where passers-by are also asked to give their opinion, no candidate managed to win and Stephanie and Paul Arthur will have to compete in the famous race of the last chance .

The ultimate test is to work with only one ingredient: salmon. Stephanie and Paul Arthur had an hour to create an original dish from the fish. While the young woman opts for a marinated salmon, Paul Arthur, he decides to cook a fruit marinade. When it's time for the verdict, the jury's vote is clear: it is Stephanie who is the best exit and won his place in the finals alongside Peter and Fanny Blood.

Paul Arthur is eliminated.

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