Thursday, March 31, 2011

Joe Jonas wants to get Demi Lovato

Since one of the members of the group Jonas Brothers, stay composed and without new girlfriend, after breaking with Aslehy Greene, and no options back as this seems to have forgotten all about Joe Jonas, as it is in flower in flower since then, but now seems to be coming out with Chris Evans. We do not know what your intentions Joe, perhaps not really know them.

But he wants to retrieve back the friendship with the singer Demi Lovato, now fully recovered after admission to the clinic and has exceeded its ghosts, some of them triggered just after the break with the singer. Both have always been good friends since childhood, and even had a romance that lasted barely a whisper, but after the problems he had Lovato, especially with the tour he made with the group, even to cut off all contact, it appears that friendship cut or at least cooled, and is precisely what the medium of the Jonas wants to recover.

Actually said in a statement: "I have not seen Demi lately, but maybe I will, I hope to see you soon because the media say we were angry and that's not true. I can not say what will happen in the future. " We do not know if Demi, would be willing to get that friendship with her former boyfriend, after all what happened or even if you would do well to remember stories of the past that did so much damage, despite having good wishes Nick Jonas.

By the time Demi has returned back to work and is ready to recovery or at least regain his old friends as we recently did with Selena Gomez at a dinner of friends and certainly to make clear that there is no rivalry between them. His friendship with Joe Jonas, you will see. Although, would you like to go out again?

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