Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Queen Sofia and tender picture with pandas

There is no doubt that Queen Sofia is a great lover of animals and no cares caress so tender and star images as you can see from his last visit to the Zoo, Aquarium of Madrid, next to the two young pandas Po and De La Reina was delighted to see and share the first output of the panda cubs at the zoo and therefore lost no detail of their feet into the meadow site.

Po bears and start a journey in which we could see the funniest moments with Sofia, who wore a white gown, and this did not prevent me to play with and even embrace them as if they were stuffed animals, but also interested caregivers asking about their diet, and care received by these friendly animals.

The young pandas were born on September 7, therefore their seven months old and weigh about twelve kilos each, although their skin may appear to weigh more. Po, which in Chinese means innocent nature, and De De, is the colloquial way of referring to Madrid, enjoyed their first outdoor experience with the Queen, who even in their games will come to 'chew', kiss and give all class samples of nervousness mixed with affection, so new to them.

Since then they have enjoyed over the queen's grandchildren, or any other child, but his duties at the school was blocked.

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