Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lady Gaga naked on her twitter for his birthday!

Ordinarily, an anniversary is an opportunity to receive gifts but Lady Gaga is the most generous! "Nothing like a teacup red communist as a birthday present," commented the star below the photo posted on his twitter, holding the cup in question with its carmine red lips to her bare breasts. An amazing shot but more elegant than a simple exhibitionism! Gaga adds an enigmatic position in the first: "The last words are for fools who have not said enough" quote attributed to Karl Marx on his deathbed.

Lady Gaga she would start a crusade against capitalism? Does she think that this is his last birthday? Also, do not worry, the cup, as pretty as it is, is not the only gift Gaga received for his 25th birthday. The day before, live in Los Angeles, the star was treated to a surprise team that brought a big cake on stage red, causing the emotion of the singer of Born this Way.

The audience sang Happy Birthday to you chorus before launching his candles Lady gaga (extinct, do not panic!) In the crowd!

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