Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carla Bruni puts aside the music for the career of her husband

Some will see the announcement of the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy to succeed himself. Why delay the release of his next album, while "As if nothing had happened" was in stores during the five-year, except to avoid a period full of challenges? It is true that being the first lady of France singularly changed the approach to criticism vis-à-vis his work and that the texts of Carla Bruni Sarkozy has been playing at political orientation.

It also remembers the controversy surrounding the love song entitled "My cam". And his recent cover of "Douce France" should not be his best musical memory. In any case, the information comes from the site Atlantico. fr, Carla Bruni has decided to make his career in the post-election period.

The editorialist Yves Derai issues on speculation that the shade may be the job of first lady of France image of her husband. If Carla has softened the strong impression of hardness that gave Nicolas Sarkozy, though she brought a touch of glamor and a new international stature in the accompanying some of his trips, see the president's wife carry a tune on TV sets would be an annoyance and a cause of jealousy for a part of French that is not enough to give voice or walking on a podium for a living.

"Carlita" (...) decided to spend her husband's career before his own. It is neither more nor less for her founding of a political act. The sidesaddle down from his horse to put your hands in flour, "wrote the editorialist. Meanwhile, Carla Bruni will soon be of general attention with the release expected in Paris Midnight, the new film Woody Allen will be presented to Open Cannes, May 17

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