Monday, March 28, 2011

Top Chef: Who will dominate the semi-finals?

They are only four to claim the title Chief deTop 2011. Tonight the semi final will oppose the four candidates who have managed to salivate the jury, composed of Jean-François Piège, Ghislaine Arabian, Christian Constant and Thierry Marx, all known to be intractable! But tonight, one of the candidates have to leave the adventure ...

Which could therefore be obliged to make his apron? Probably not Fanny. This is not because it is not a pro pastry it will fail to convince the leaders, often more demanding on the dishes. Her temperament makes her swing is ideal winner, if you know how to master during his rants! Hopefully it gets to keep his composure tonight at the trial of the truck.

A test that could bend Peter Blood, who has mismanaged stress. But his sense of creativity, he has demonstrated since the first day, could save him. Very "family", he could drop in the test where the relatives of the chief cooks will be on the jury. Peter Arthur, himself, knows well the mechanics of the program and expectations of leaders.

It was indeed very often required to pass the test of famous last chance. Catching up in extremis that allowed him to forge a mind of steel needed to win races scheduled this evening. As for Stephanie, the favorite, she could shine again. It must be said that working in a restaurant decorated with two stars provides insurance expertise and almost perfect! But unlike Peter Blood, it is perhaps too traditional in its approach.

A defect that could bring him luck tonight, when they will reproduce a dish from chef alike. Tonight, one of them will leave their homes, unable to participate in the finals, which will last all day!

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