Thursday, March 31, 2011

Square Viiip Noam and Alexandra, from columnists Morandini (VIDEO)

They were tried by Cecile de Minibus, guests on the set by Jean-Marc Morandini. Noam and Alexandra WannaViiip dreaming animate emissions tomorrow, came out last night's Square Viiip to prove themselves live. Indeed, if each candidate seems assured of his future star in his field, it is sometimes good to remind them that a little know-how is not damaging.

Thus, the host star of Live 8 had joined the candidates in yesterday afternoon as a coach especially, trying to explain what were the strengths of a good presenter-facilitator beyond have [made] the A three celebrity magazines. "Noam and Alexandra were not deflated: everyone has prepared a review, to charge a half minutes, no more, no less! Not stupid, both chose to deal with a topic they familiar: the Square ...

Viiip Alexandra went first and it is pretty well drawn, ending in battery time. She has been praised by Cecile de Minibus who acknowledged that there was "a good foundation "seduced by his tone and facial expressions. In contrast, Noam, who had planned to" break everything and set fire to the plate ", was a bit oversold ...

Not sure he is hired out of the test.

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