Monday, March 28, 2011

The Press Special Square Viiip: Cindy and Giuseppe, the kings of buzz (Video)

There are 16 candidates, 8 and 8 Viiips WannaViiips but when it comes to the sacrosanct One of a celebrity magazine, two personalities are emerging as the most bankable of Viiip Square. It is of course Joseph and Cindy, both kings of buzz Viiip Square. Here, Oops and Closer, 3 magazines for people subject: Cindy and Giuseppe whose love story is one of this week's tabloids.

If stories of love between reality TV candidates have always been meat and drink of the tabloids, it is rare that one story monopolizes the attention of the media gossips. And if the truth of their feelings leaves doubtful the public (for a survey Square Viiip result suggests that 72% of the public does not believe in the sincerity of this relationship, this does not prevent the press from doing its headlines on this story.

Survey From the Loft via Secret Story Who wants to marry my son? reality TV candidates are regularly in the tabloids. Viiip Square sticking to the rule, its headliners naturally found plastered on the newsstands. But if the program has Viiip Square in recent weeks a significant impact on the web and social networks in particular, since the beginning of the show some candidates stand out.

Furthermore Afida Turner, Benedict and Thomas, the other candidates and especially fish WannaViiips by a lack of charisma (if there is a lack of'égo). Consequence of this inherent weakness in our apprentices Viiips, candidates already known to the public attract the favors of the tabloids.

And when it comes to buzzer, Cindy and Giuseppe practice several times a day! Also find Viiip Square later with Marie-France talks about the love story between her son and Cindy

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