Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Square Viiip: Jean-Marc Morandini in special coach! (VIDEO)

The candidates have different aspirations Square Viiip they intend to achieve through the issuance of becoming a singer, actor or TV presenter in it. Some are aware that we must also know how to sing, play or show and not just be famous ... others do not. After the candidates will be loaned to the game's interview Afida, Jean-Marc Morandini has decided to pay them a visit for their coach and remove a few illusions.

"Doing this job is work, hard times and it does not make the front of three celebrity magazines to become a pro at television," explained the host flagship Direct 8, summing up his speech to the four contenders for the job candidate. Morandini has even coached, considering the work they had done after viewing.

After entering the cave of Viiip Carré, Jean-Marc Morandini decided to bring the candidates to him, so he proposed to Alexandra and Noam come on his show tonight live to be tested as a presenter. Nothing better than practical experience to enhance the employability!

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