Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eva Herzigova says goodbye to her beautiful curves of a pregnant woman

The supermodel Eva Herzigova, sensual ambassador in the 90s of the lingerie brand Wonderbra (remember the poster "look into my eyes" gentlemen), gave birth to her second child on March 13 at the private maternity London's Portland Hospital. The good news has just been confirmed, some stars are certainly very secretive when they want ...

The blonde gave birth to a boy named Philip, Mom and baby are doing well according to the formula, and Newborn fifteen days will be able to find his older brother, George, aged three. The former catwalk star is married to a contractor whom she met in Turin there are now almost ten years, his two children are the fruit of this love relationship with her partner Gregorio Marsiaj.

The model still sublime over the years, today 37 years and has now become a designer for 1.2.3 home, which did not prevent him being an ambassador of Chopard recurrent and have recently posed alongside Naomi Campbell for the famous Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana! Eva did not hesitate to ask the front page of the magazine Harper's Bazaar "(April issue), below the target of Michelangelo Batista, stomach very round in late pregnancy, molded in a black dress, her hair down and wavy, a snapshot of great sensuality.

The doll came from the East was then told to have a demented chest and face as if she retightened avit made a "facelift" in short pregnancy was tantamount to a facelift for the top! Today, Eva will be able to pamper her adorable baby and no doubt this is the best antidote to time ...

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